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   ICBC:中国工商银行(Introduction of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in 2008
Since its foundation in 1984, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has fully undertaken industrial and commercial credits and savings businesses which were originally transacted by People's Bank of China, therefore it has taken on the responsibility of accumulating the social wealth and supporting the national construction.
In 2005, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has reformed the shareholding system and officially changed its name to "Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "ICBC"). In 2006, ICBC has been successfully listed in both cities of Shanghai and Hong Kong simultaneously. After being listed in public market, ICBC altogether has 250,962,348,064 A shares, 83,056,501,962 H shares, and total equity of 334,018,850,026 shares.
With its leading market position, high-quality customer base, diversified business structure, strong ability of innovation, market competitiveness and excellent brand value in China, ICBC is now helping customers from all over the world to manage assets and create wealth with its sincere services and professional abilities, aiming at developing and improving itself to a leading international modern financial enterprise.5ABFhdABFFOL2La0pkO1Slo45_-ek_5UxzXCc3Tt-Uk2S4fTgkBpja